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Contracts Manager

  • Location Leeds (North)
  • Type Permanent

Responsible to:

Head of Construction Manager

Main purpose of role:

Responsibility for all aspects of the successful performance of various projects operating in parallel.

Principal deliverables are:

  • Commercial – maximise profit, minimise risk & protect commercial interests
  • Programme – maximise efficient delivery & minimise delay
  • Safety – ensure safe working site environment & supply chain adhere to safety rules
  • Quality – deliver construction product in accordance with our contractual obligations
  • Customer satisfaction – enhance customer and consultant experience, utilise clear lines of communication to eliminate misunderstanding and ensure clarity of our position
  • Leadership – lead by example, delegate responsibilities to sustain efficient working, coordinate the project team and support individuals

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

Note: The below list is not exhaustive & other duties commensurate with the nature of the post may, from time to time, be required. In addition there may be some variation and/or some development of the duties & responsibilities without changing the general nature of the post.

  • To support, direct and motivate the production team having day to day responsibility for the Works; this includes supplementing or relocating staff as demands dictate. Attend and record staff requirements to the construction manager at HQ fortnightly contracts manager meetings
  • In conjunction with the quantity surveyor and production staff, appoint, control and monitor specialist contractors/suppliers and ensure they provide the service/undertake the work specified under our contractual obligation
  • Ensure the preparation of a detailed programme of works and procurement schedules at the outset of the project and ensure that such are updated throughout contract
  • To protect our contractual obligations ensure timely notifications are submitted – variations, E.o.T., claims – to enhance our commercial or contractual entitlement
  • Responsible for coordinating and/or preparation, submission and update of construction Health & Safety plan, RAMS and associated documents. Ensure Building Manual/Health & Safety files are produced for practical completion
  • Responsible for the control and maintenance of building quality in accordance with company quality procedures
  • In conjunction with the production team produce monthly CVR reports to the director and progress reports of an individual project to the client
  • Obtain required information from clients and their professionals, to comply with our contractual obligations and programme
  • Discipline work force and specialist contractors in accordance with company policy
  • Assist estimators with the programming and logistics of projects at tender stage
  • Where working supervisors are used on contracts and jobbing; the Contracts Manager should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure a completely successful project

General Obligations to the Company:

  • Develop positive and collaborative working relationships with key employees and work colleagues
  • Conduct duties in a courteous and professional way when dealing with clients, their professional teams and other industry contacts
  • Attend all designated induction, instruction and training sessions
  • Keep aware of current relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and Company policies and procedures
  • Maintain a safe and tidy workspace and observe all safety requirements including the wearing of PPE as required at the place of work
  • Promptly report to your manager any issue which could adversely affect personnel or the Company
  • Make suggestions of (or implement as requested) any improvements to working procedures which will enhance the efficiency, safety or quality of the Company’s operations


All employees must ensure that they comply with all company Health & Safety rules & procedures; this includes all documented company policies.

Priestley Construction Ltd requires all employees fully co-operate with their colleagues & support the performance of their duties. This will then ensure a positive image is portrayed of Priestley Construction Ltd.