We refresh old spaces, and build new ones from the ground up.


Converting buildings takes skill, foresight and sensitivity. This applies both to the building itself and the investment objectives that are relying on a successful result. Whether you want to make a traditional structure fit for commercial use, or make industrial buildings suitable for living, Priestley Construction will see the conversion through from start to finish.


Half of our worldwide reputation stems from our ability to refurbish buildings for the modern market. Readying a building for sale? Got a fresh design in mind? Priestley Construction will advise, plan and enact your vision, while retaining the character of the original build. Our speed and talent is unmatched for UK development.

New builds

Although we stay true to our speciality, which is conversions and refurbishments, we’ve successfully delivered a number of new-build projects across the UK. Our time in conversion and refurbishment has taught us which materials, specs, tools and physical considerations work well together. Using that knowledge, Priestley Construction is able to offer an end-to-end solution for new build, large scale extensions or additional storeys.